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Cars you can and cannot drive during this rainy season

Thread on cars you can drive and cannot drive this raining season…..

1. Toyota Camry.
Trust me if you dey find Micheal Phelps, na camry gan gan, dey can enter and come out without stress, just dey go small small, off AC, SWIM in and OUT you don’t even need to visit your mechanic.

2. Toyota Corolla.
This one na Michael Phelps Jnr, extremely stubborn, shook head and come out, don’t give the engine too much pressure just tap in and be going small small…smooth drive…great swimmers

3. Honda Accord
Great car, but the Airflow pipe won’t make you drive this inside water, it Wil suck water into the engine and crankshaft self fit break, so best you just avoid water with this vehicles or remove the Airflow pipe, but ur car go sound like V12engine

4. Mercedes-Benz..
See all models of the new generation Benz just avoid it… As e dey shook head inside water e dey die… No just stress yourself, park ham for house to enter danfo.

5. BMW..
Also like Benz… Don’t even bother driving them inside water, dey can’t resist…. E go off light like say NEPA take light for Iyana Ipaja

6. Lexus ES350
All of them na great swimmers…. Them be Toyota products also…. In and out… No story…but try make dem give the engine servicing

7. Fords..
All of them…
This vehicles also na great swimmers… But no waste time inside water

8. Nissan Altima
Even tho dem dey always get fault… Them be great swimmers also…
In and out no story

9. Audi….😭😭😭😭😭 forget it Pls… Just park at home I take God beg u

10. Kia
Electric bastard…
Park ur car at home…
Don’t drive this product inside water oooooooo

11. Hyundai
Not good for water at all..

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