I killed my mother because she was a witch always turning into a serpent — Killer Soldier opens up

Charles Thomson, the soldier who was arrested for stabbing his mom to death in Kaduna State, has confessed that he killed her because she was a witch.

Speaking with The Nation, while being paraded by the police on Thursday, December 31, the 30 year-old suspect said, “I was arrested for culpable homicide, because my mom died in my hands while fighting with her. We were fighting as a result of spiritual dispute; I saw her turning to a serpent severally at night, so, it angered me.

She was even appearing and disappearing. And when I went into her room, I saw her with a 10 year-old boy running around her. That was what led to the fight.

We had always had problems, there was no love. She didn’t have love for her children. So, I want to advise parents to always give assistance to their children and speak well about them in the public.”

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